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Values & Vision

Core Ideology: Core Values

Our Guiding Principles 
We value helping our customers succeed: 

·         By understanding and exceeding their unique needs

·         By responding and delivering on a timely basis


We value innovation, quality and craftsmanship in all aspects of performance: 

·         By being innovators in the highest quality products, services, and processes

·         By actively participating on teams that continually improve our business

·         By encouraging creative, cooperative, value-added activity

·         By partnering with best in class suppliers


We value each other and our diverse backgrounds: 

·         By being honest, fair, and respectful

·         By enabling, recognizing, and rewarding superior performance and not accepting complacency

·         By communicating openly and directly, but always tactfully

·         By providing a safe, pleasant working environment that allows each Associate to perform to the maximum of their abilities

We value our corporate health: 

·         By knowing that only the highest integrity and moral and ethical conduct are acceptable here

·         By volunteering and providing financial support to charitable organizations in the communities in which we operate

·         By seeking a healthy profit

·         By showing an urgency for action, while considering the long-term implications of our actions

·         By working to improve our environment

Envisioned Future 
Our mission is to be: 
"The global leader in providing products and application knowledge to help customers lift, position or secure materials easily and safely" 
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